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Discovery Based Inquiry

St Gabriel’s follows the principles of Discovery Based Inquiry in our Prep and Junior classes. This research based, student-centred inquiry approach supports children to learn in a hands on, developmentally appropriate way. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and investigate questions

about their world, using a highly structured, intentional approach to learning and teaching. Discovery offers students an authentic opportunity to learn about themselves, others and the world around them through social interactions, as they build understandings related to concepts and develop skills in communication, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.

Discovery Based Inquiry at St Gabriel’s

  1. Purposeful play experiences that are strategically shaped by teachers to enable students to learn more about; themselves; how to live and work with others; and the world they live in.
  2. Discovery encourages the development of; oral language; social and personal management skills; a variety of curriculum specific concepts skill sets and processes; and learning dispositions.
  3. Discovery is a time when students make choices about what learning opportunities they want to engage in, who they do this with, and where they do it.
  4. Teachers provide opportunities by creating stations or areas that encourage children to play, explore, design, create, and problem solve in different ways. They do this by providing a learning environment, materials and provocations to challenge and provoke thinking, that support student learning through playful investigation.
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