Our Approach to learning and Teaching

Our Approach to learning and Teaching 1

Our Approach to learning and Teaching

Our Learning and Teaching Heartstones
Our heart stones represent our core beliefs as the foundation for learning and teaching.

We design our learning to be;

Reflective learning involves students making their learning a more conscious process. It assists them in becoming an active learner by encouraging them to ask questions and think  critically about their ideas.

Collaborative learning is an approach that involves groups of students working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product.  Learning is a naturally social process in which the learners can share and listen to the ideas of others, explain their thinking and consider feedback and suggestions from their peers and teachers

It is through this collaboration that learning occurs.

Student Centred
Learning that is student centred uses an approach to learning that is supportive of the learner.  Student-centred learning addresses the specific needs, interests and cultural background of each individual child to ensure they achieve their best outcome and experience success

Student-centred learning entails all educators and co-educators understanding the specific needs of their students and structuring lessons which meet the child’s needs.

Learning that is engaging is relevant to students lives and context, and sparks curiosity, interest and passion in students to be motivated to challenge themselves and learn more about new ideas and concepts.  Learning that is engaging aligns to the idea that learning outcomes improve when students are inquisitive, motivated and inspired.

Rigorous learning is developing in students the skills, knowledge, attitudes and aptitudes that will enable their success in the increasingly complex world in which they will live and work. To achieve rigorous learning for all students requires instructing each student in a way that is relevant to him or her. It includes nurturing, caring relationships with ALL students.  It includes instilling in ALL students the skills they will need for their futures.

Our school dispositions provide our students with a skill set that they can take beyond the classroom into their everyday life. They empower our students to be successful learners in an ever changing global community.

Our school dispositions include;

If I am courageous I challenge myself to always have a go.

If l am creative, l use my imagination and thinking skills to explore new ideas, solutions and possibilities.

If I am reflective, I think deeply about my learning, seek feedback and consider how improvements can be made.

If I am empathetic I can see with the eyes of others, listen with the ears of others and feel with the heart of others.

Self direction
If I am self-directed, I am engaged in my learning and I set myself personal goals and work towards achieving them.

If I am resilient I learn from my past experiences and am willing to try again.

If I am passionate, I fully explore things that interest me and I am led by my heart at every opportunity.

If I am collaborative, I work with others to achieve a common goal and value the exchange of ideas.

If I am respectful I consider the feelings, wishes and rights of others and treat them as I would like to be treated.

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